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Taxishare App

A ride sharing app design

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Problem statement

Whenever me and my friends have planned to go out of college campus for dinner or shopping, the first statement that has popped up is " Reserving a taxi/autoricksaw is too costly. How about asking some other people to join us so that we can share the fare? " And most of the time, the plan to go out of campus has been cancelled. The frustration is even more for a single student or group of two-three.

The team

This is my personal project of a concept app.

The Research

I informally asked 5 students about their friday night plans and 4 of them had the same reply : Planning on going out to eat but only if the entire group of 4-5 students agree else it will be too costly.

I asked 3 of my close friends if they would like to go out with me friday night and their reply : Sure, but make sure we got 3 more friends.

How might we make their experience better?

I decided to combine the concept of carpooling with the concept of hotspot creation within a certain range of area. The idea was to find an easy way to connect different students planning to go to same / nearby place under one screen.

The Process

I initially tried out some user flows. In the end, I was inspired by Uber's user flow and the clean elegant layout. I started by sketching the user flow. Since the userflow was almost linear, designing the UI wasn't difficult. I tried out some components for optimal usage of mobile screen estate and came up with the final layouts.

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How does the app work?

The concept is to create an app where user A can find user B within his/her area leaving for same (or close to) destination and they can share a taxi or autorickshaw. This app will work well in those areas where getting a shared taxi is a headache.

  • User signs up using his/her mobile phone number or through Facebook or Google. If the user signs up using phone number, then he/she will be prompted to upload a profile image. In the later case, his/her profile image is taken from the signup account. He/She can change it in account settings.
  • User's current location is fetched automatically using GPS. If some error occurs, user gets a dialog box prompting him/her to manually enter current location. Then, user enters the destination.
  • Available groups, if any, are shown within a certain radius. User can change radius by dragging the slider. Shown groups' destination doesn't need to match exact destination as input by user but within a close range of area.
  • User can send share request to multiple groups. Once he/she is accepted into a group, his request to other groups are automatically cancelled. If the user needs to go to the same destination from the same pickup point again at a different time, then he can request ride share only after his first trip departure time has passed.
  • If there are no available groups, user can create his/her own group and wait for share requests from others. All members of a particular group can add or remove any member. Ofcourse, members cannot remove the group creator (admin) from the group.
  • If there is a share request and it has been seen by a member(s) but not accepted, then it will automatically be rejected 40 mins before the trip begins. For groups where the departure time is less than 40 minutes, the request, if not accepted, will be rejected at half the time period of departure.
  • Members of a group can chat using the "Discussion" tab present within the group.
  • A group can be made private after which it won't pop up on searching available groups.
  • The creator of the group can change the time of departure.
  • A user can search for multiple destinations and be a part of multiple groups given that the time periods don't overlap. All the groups he/she is a part of will be listed under the "My Group" tab.

High fidelity design

The choice of yellow and black color was to simulate the color of auto-rickshaws.

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Learning and Conclusion

It was a great exercise to think about multiple scenarios and how to accommodate them. I need to learn more about map design in order to make the experience better.

If you are a developer and interested in making this project a reality, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to working with you.