Abhisek Mishra

Roots Logo Design

Logo design for Roots : A creative confluence of design, photography and film-making at NIT Rourkela.

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Problem statement

The student community at NIT Rourkela organised a two day event called “Roots” to motivate and inform students about the fundamentals of design, photography and film-making. The event saw guest lectures from eminent personalities at the top of their respective fields in India.

I was asked to design an abstract bold logo for the event within 24 hours.

The Process

I sketched out multiple ideas with a focus on simple shapes.

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Then I decided to focus on the most fundamental shape, the circle, as the basis of the logo. The idea was to show fundamental building blocks coming together to create the large event “Roots”. I also tried to signify the word roots literally in the logo.

Here are some variations that were submitted to the creative community at NIT Rourkela for voting and further discussion.

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Final Logo

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Learning and Conclusion

It was great to work under tight deadlines. During the exploration, I realised that simple ideas can lead to great results if executed properly. Initially, the design community loved another variation which was almost finalised. But I just asked a classmate his first thoughts on seeing the logo. I didn’t give him any context on what the logo was about. His reply: this looks like an ice cream. So, validating designs with public is very important. We changed the logo after that to the current version.