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Travelup Android App

An app for making travel a hassle free and immersive experience.

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Problem statement

Currently, there are a lot of travel apps but none provide a comprehensive guide to a city. While some try to, they miss the fact that the best experiences happen in lesser known localities. Also, providing a day by day itinerary would be great help to someone who is new to a city.

This is a concept app which stemmed from listening to problems faced by some of my colleagues as well as mine whenever we travelled to a new city.

What's wrong with the current scenario?

I started out by asking some students about their experiences with travelling to new cities. The common problems found :

  • Upon arrival, finding a budget hotel becomes a problem. The taxi drivers tend to sway the tourist to hotels of their preference. The tourist is left clueless since he/she has no idea about the directions to the hotel.
  • Regular tourists are not satisfied with the known tourism spots. They want to indulge in events happening in and around the city. Sometimes, walking by a locality gives an authentic flavour of the place rather than the regular tourist spots.
  • Finding a good budget restaurant to eat near a tourist spot is difficult, especially when there are family members and kids; everyone is restless and wants to get done with quickly.
  • Another big problem happens to be lack of planning. Tourists spend a lot of time at one place and at the end of the day, realise that they missed out on something of their interest.
  • From my personal experiences, I have had difficulties finding a bus stop, public toilet and government hospital near to the place that I was staying at during my internship period.

How might we make their experience better?

The core features of the app include :

  • Events happening around the city.
  • Tourist spots.
  • Instant booking of cabs to get to a particular place or directions to the same.
  • Important information including hospitals, bus stops, public restrooms etc. with pdf download availability.
  • The local experience curated by individuals, city wise.
  • Trip planning with downloadable itinerary.
  • Best deals on hotels.
  • Travel blog where tourists can share their stories and create a community.

I started by drawing out various user flows and writing down the pros and cons of each.

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I finally decided to keep city wise entry point to the app since it focusses equally on events and tourism.

Then, I began the layout design process by creating wireframes and writing down the pros and cons of each. Then I zoomed out to get a clear picture. The final layout solves the problems in a well to do manner.

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High fidelity design

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Learning and Conclusion

This is my first experience in designing a large scale app for a bigger user base; not just limited to college students. I am currently working on another version with a better visual language. I got some important insights during the user interviews which I would have never thought of had I not done the same.

If you are a developer and interested in developing this app, feel free to contact me.